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 Reviews and Comments about H1 Base  
Monday, January 02 2017

Recent H1Base Reviews

Was Your experience with H1Base Good ?
                                                       - share your feedback and reviews below

If You are a current or previous customer of H1 Base, please share your review comments below to help others.

When posting your review about H1Base, please try to include which service you used, short details about your experience with the service and the Company, and if you thought they were good and if you would recommend them to help others in need of obtaining US visa sponsorship.

The H1Base reviews, opinions and comments expressed in any post on our site are those of the customers and posters on the web and do not necessarily reflect the opinions & views of The content of all posts and comments on this site solely represent the opinions of the original poster, and are not endorsed, approved, or otherwise representative of the opinions of


                                    H1 Base Customer Reviews and Experiences: 2017 and 2018    (Post your review Below)

I'm a new client of H1 Base and I can't provide a full review just yet (it's only been 6 days), but I can share my situation so far: When I joined I was contacted by a visa sponsorship coach who evaluated my situation and spent an hour advising me and answering questions I had. Then I started to work with an H1 base resume writer who made a lot of great improvements. Then my coach explained they were matching my profile with registered sponsors that apply for H1B's for my skills, and applying to over 650 companies for me and directly to the hiring managers. I am really impressed so far. I feel very confident in working with H1 Base and the experience they have.
Posted by Ruiz Corolo 

That sounds great Ruiz, which service did you get because i see they have 3 different ones and I'm a bit confused which of the premium ones to join.                     
Posted by Amelia

Hi Amelia and thank you. I availed the middle level service called Premium. I had already spent a couple months trying myself on numerous other sites so decided to get some expert help from the H1base company. Definately found them the best.
Posted by Ruiz Corolo

a few weeks ago I posted on here letting you know I had just become a member of H1base and posted my first impressions of them above. I now have even better news to share. I tried writing my full experience but this message system only allows about 750 characters - so to sum it up very quickly, it worked and they just got me a job. 
Posted by Ruiz Corolo 

totally different to the other sites. H1base one does it all for you and you dont have to do anything myslef apart from do interviews they get me
Posted by kumar 

hi, Ruiz! can I ask you what is your field of expertize? what kind of job did they find for you?
Posted by AnaG 

Hi Ana, how are you? I worked as an accountant for a large Manufacturing company in my Country for 3 years and before that as an intern for a family owned store chain after completing my degree. H1Base got me a good job with a Fortune 500 company based in New York where I dreamed of living for many years now. At the moment my visa is in processing and myself and my family can't wait to leave my Country which does not show a good future, and get on a flight to America so we can live happy. I wish you also have great success, Ana
Posted by Ruiz 

Here's my experience with I'm on an F1 OPT visa and graduated this year. My career center advisor at College told me about h1 base as they deal with them buy some kind of services from them every year. The service the college buys is quite basic and my advisor recommended to get one of their better services where h1base applyies to their sponsoring companies for me. I wanted to do it properly so got the top service because if I didnt get an H1B I would have to leave the US and go back to England. I have to say that it's only been a week using them and so far I am really impressed at their professionalism and the amount of work they do for you.
Posted by Simon is much higher service above any other H1b job company out there. Before them I tried alone using almost all the other free (or cheap) services and spent over 8 months trying. I joined the h1 base incorporated company and they worked on my behalf and got me visa sponsorship with their sponsors in 7 weeks. What else can say, they are responsible for getting me to the US in this market. I never imagined it possible and I thank them for it from my heart.
Posted by Raju 

my experience with h1base was good. I availed their service 1 years ago and they got me my first visa. I just availed again and they got me another job so i can transfer to a new employer and this one will also sponsor my green card.
Posted by Gurdeep

these chaps did their job well and got me out of cold and miserable Manchester and over to warm and sunny Los Angeles (Am I happy!!)
Posted by Kathy Mathews  

 my experience of h1base was superb. I had to get a change of status to h1 visa to stay in the US and used both h1base and another company to help me. The other company charged me $1,500 and h1base only charged me $500. The service from h1base was 10 times better than the other company and they got me a confirmed sponsorship offer before the other company got me an interview. For the quality of service h1base provides and the results they get they could charge a lot more but thankfully they don't. I completely recommend them and I will definitely use them again if I need another h1b job.
Posted by Pavlo 

H1 base guys got me a job that qualified for an h1b visa with a sponsor company in 1 month. Love them or hate them from review sites (who really know nothing apart from "opinions"), you can get an H1B visa job from h1base - I did. Everyone wants to pretend they know so much but only a few really know for sure and they are the company that helped me to do it. 
Posted by John 

 was great h1base review and experience. Did geat work for me and got me H1b visa.
Posted by DoonYi

love h1b company for gettin me to usa
Posted by KUMAR 

 My H1Base review is that they do provide good reliable service considering all the different types of people they help from around the globe, and yes they do help a lot of people in all types of jobs and at lots of different levels. The choice is if you want to try and do everything yourself from abroad or if you want a company like h1base who is in the usa and has the experience to do everything for you. Yes, they can do all the hard work for you but like any company they charge a fee for providing a service. In this case if you really want a new life in the US I would consider it a good investment.
Posted by CJ 

Hi everyone on here. I am a current member of H1base and I had a brilliant experience with them too and HIGHLY RECOMMEND. I'm a Bachelor science grad in England and I was worried about my chances because I don't have any work experience, but they did everything and worked overtime to get me a entry level job in Atlanta so I could be with my boyfriend. Cheers to them all who helped me start a new future.
Posted by Kimberly 

I was spending about 4 to 5 hours a day searching job sites and applying to jobs. I did this every day for over 5 months which totals probably about 1,000 hours of my time. At the end of all my hard and very boring applications, I had 6 interviews with companies who all said the same thing "you need a work visa before we can employ you and we don't file visas". I gave it my all and worked as hard as I could but at the end I still had no job and no visa for america. I contacted h1base and they were very honest with me and said they could not guarantee anything but would do what they could to help me. It was a decision but my gut feeling said to try them. It took 8 weeks but they did it and now I can stay in America.
Posted by Hetal

 if you want a turnkey solution and fast turnaround I definately recommend H1 Base premium level services. I'm overseas and they took my CV and formatted it to US standards and made a lot of great changes to improve it. I told them all my job preferences and what locations I wanted to work in and they matched me with sponsor companies for employment. The marketed me professionally and applied to over 600 companies for me (saved me loads of time doing all the research and applications). They best part is they work directly with thousands of sponsor companies all over the USA who know h1base and recruit international workers from them. I got quite a lot of interviews and picked a really good company in San Diego who is filing for my work visa.
Posted by Galina Wassell 

With the help of H1base professional representation I was able to find an h1b visa sponsor in Denver Colorado. I'm happy to say that the company in question is going ahead and sponsor my application.
Posted by Noel H 

 I'm very much impressed by h1 base's service and professionalism. today is first day as a premium member and it feels like my career and chance has already accelerated! Regards, Kanwar.
Posted by Kanwar

 I only joined h1 base 16 days ago and they just got me invited to an interview next week with a Bank in Texas, and another for a Bank in New York. when you get past there general support and get hooked up with a personal advisor that works with you they really start making things happen quikly. So far my experience with the company and the people there has been excellent and way better than I thought it would be.
Posted by Cris

 Cris can u tell me what service u used. I'm confused by the 2 premium ones and want to register b4 their special offer ends. I only have 2 months left before my OPt expires so need fast help like you got. J R
Posted by Jaya Ram

JR the one I joined was their premium service called anounce which was about 195 Us dollars. I wasn't in a big hurry and I'm not sure what your OPt is but if you need the fastest one then i think the top level service will be faster.
Posted by Cris 

Posted by Jaya 

 the h1b company is very good for the people/job seekers living deferent part of the universe.It is really helpful. Thanks a lot!
Posted by raj kukrati

I got to know about H1base from the serach engine Google. When I open the h1base site and just click on the H1 visa and all the details about it. After getting all deatils I thought that its the right track to start my career and I registered. They contacted me after registration and explained all the service and procedure. I entered my profile section in my account and put my CV in account. I'm now at the stage of where they take my cv and improve it to a US resume and the they do work to find me sponsorship job and apply for me. The help and the work how they support and do that really encourages to get the good oppurtunity in this time. Is very impressive and I am very happy.
Posted by from India

 its the first time i have found a website with all the information i was looking for where everything is completely clear on visas. It is easy to navigate and very appropiate to help get work visa H1B. this site has good info too but has more and clearer details on professional level help.
Posted by M Gondkar

 In my opinion and experience it's a 'no-brainer'. 2 - 300 bucks for all the services they provide and everything they do, it's cheaper than buying a new iPhone. I do admit I have an iPhone and it's great but doesn't compare to when the staff at h1 base helped me get to the US. I believe in the old philosophy that: if you really want something out of life then you have to do whatever it takes to get it, and if you sit back and do nothing you'll get nothing. I hope everyone succeeds this year because I can say first hand that the feelings you experience when you hear you've got a visa to live in the US is one of the best moments in my life (except for my wedding day, I had to throw that in just incase my darling wife reads this :)
Posted by Peter Jarvis

 I fully endorse H1 Base for the way the exceeded my expectations to accomplish such a great task in a reliable and timely way. They have knowledgable and courteous staff that showed dedication and passion to genuinely assist, that surpassed the experience level of others I have spoken to and dealt with previously in the same industry.
Posted by Dr. A Zolta

 I think its a good site to help get h1 visa jobs for people like me who are in other countries
Posted by TG 

 H1base got me interviews with 4 H1B employers companies within 2 weeks of joining them. I got 3 H1B job offers in california where I want to live, and my h1b advisor is helping me evaluate which is the best offer for my career future. I had been doing all the searching by myself for about 5 months previous to joining hbase and all companies I contacted wouldn't hire me because they said I needed work visa status. H1Base got me job offers with companies that had no problem wanting to sponsor me and getting my visa. When I first joined I wasn't sure it was posssible, but everyone at h1base was great and I can't thank them enough for their help. I have already recommended to my sister and she joined and they are helping her now.
Posted by Shedney

 I have just been researching different testimonials on H1 Base. It would appear there are mixed reviews but the most positive ones seem to be the most recent ones so I think, nothing ventured, nothing gained and in the grand scheme of things, it's not a fortune to lose if nothing comes of it. Wish me luck! It's my life dream to be living in America.
Posted by Jenna

Hi Jenna, I found when you look closely lot of the bad reviews all originally stem from someone called CJ who runs a cheap wordpress blog site (probably set up by a competitor). I think he gets some weird satisfaction from trashing companies because at first he says... he got support from h1base and then says he didn't, says they're a scam and then says they're legitimate, argues aggressively with anyone who posts a good comment on his site, and biggest thing is he admits he's Never used h1base services - so why and what gives him the right to say anything!! I used H1base and I know they or anyone can't provide miracles for every person but overall I was really pleased with them and I'm sure you will be too. I wish you the best of luck getting to America.
Posted by Rajesh Joshi 

Thanks Rajesh, well I have just joined so we will see what happens now. A lot of the negative posts seem to be dated from 2007 whereas the positive ones are more recent. You never know if you don't try right?
Posted by Jenna 

To add to this, I have literally just received a call from them welcoming me and explaining more details so I'm already VERY impressed!
Posted by Jenna

I didn't have enough money for the Premiums so I got the basic package. Has about 10 or 12 diffeernt services all included in it but only joined and havent used them all yet. Has something i've never seen before for a cool thing you download to your pc and tell it what jobs and places you want, and it keeps automatically searching so you don't have to keep going to any job boards. it keeps on finding and getting all new jobs for you by itself. Also has another bigger job system, a top database and other database which has contacts of thousands and thousands of companies that file h1 visas. Thers a salary calculator, interview practice system, resume building and posting system and lots more. I say h1base is good value for everything you get.
Posted by Noelle

 Can someone help me in understanding the logic here? I am currently working in India but looking for a sponsor for H1b visa to work in USA. Is this possible with h1base? how will they arrange interviews and give out offers? confused!!! I am planning to avail a premium service but wanted to get some information from the members before i take the leap. Regards Kiran
Posted by Kiran

 Hi Kiran, the employers h1base works with know their customers are needing h1b visa and are living in far away countries. interviews are rranged over telephone and lots of US companies now use online systems like video interviews, some of the bigger companies will also fly you out to meet them personally in USA. it is the H1B employer company in US that h1base finds for you who gives the jobs and visa offers.
Posted by E Kyoung

 read a rediculous comment on the internet that said h1base was a scam. Whoever it was (who really knows!!) said they were scam because although h1base provided and performed the service as they advertised it on their site, they hadnt 'yet' got them a sponsorship job within this persons peronal time expectations. I don't see any mention of h1base guaranteeing within every customers own personal timeframe!!. Although I do see they advertise honestly to provide services for the complex and difficult task of getting a sponsorship job in the USA. If a company provides the services that they advertise then how can someone say they're a scam?? Anyway, thank god i didn't listen - I joined h1base and loving the benefits and advantages they provide.
Posted by John 

They found me a new sponsoring employer to transfer my H1b visa to.  While I was working they did all the resume applications and distribution to what I would say was about 300 or 400 companies that sponsored visas for my field in logistics planning. There was a couple of small glitches but overal I would say it was a valuable service for improving the resume and them applying to the companies that sponsor for visas on my behalf.         
Posted by Aditya R 

Thanks for sharing all your successful experiences they have been inspiring for me to see. I have heard from many people about the positive result for using the H1base company it has renewed my belief that everything is possible and I will get to the greatest country. When I graduate I will be joining and on my way to USA         
Posted by Booonnn

Hi, I'm back again. I have a question for getting the H1B visa issued to work next year after graduation. I will be an MBA grad and saw there are more visas available if you have a Masters. I am International student studying in UK so do the extra visas apply for me?           
Posted by Booonnn

Hey booonnn... I believe the extra visas do apply for you. There's 20k extra visas a year issued for people with Masters Degrees (I think?). It all depends on what kind of job you'll be seeking though. It has to be a high-skilled job.            
Posted by eddie

Hey, I've seen a bunch of fake spam comments posted about H1Base on different sites. Is someone trying to deliberately put people off using them?? Some comments are really bad and from what I've experienced with H1Base services so far, the spam comments are obvious lies. Is it done deliberately to make it deceptively look like lots of different people are saying bad things?              
Posted by Gen

Gen it's probably a dirty merketing tactic used by a competitor of Some companies do that kind of crap all the time so just ignore it.  Gen what service are you using? I've got the Powersearch one and thinking of upgrading to the top one. I heard the next quota's going to get filled very quickly and I don't want to miss out                
Posted by Hykoush 

Hey Hykoush, I've got powerseach too so I'm afraid I don't have any 1st hand experience to tell you about their top service. Looks like some of the above have used it and found it really beneficial. I heard the same thing about the next quota so I wish us both good luck :)                
Posted by Gen

Hello, here is my testimony- h1base is really helpful in searching employment opportunities for me.  Not only does it provide sufficient options, what makes it so valuable is that it helps me narrow down the locations and types of employers I'm looking for.   It is such a useful tool that saved my time in finding a job.  Fast, efficient and customer support is really out there to help too.  Overall, I liked it and am going to encourage other friends who are currently seeking a job to try it too.                
Posted by Yang J 

Good evening, I am sending my quick feedback after just joining the h1base sponsorship job placement program for Premium plus. So far all have been very clear. I found the whole process very quick and easy and I was pleased to be able to start in such a smooth way. Kind Regards, Paula 
Posted by Paula R

I agree. I am a new joinee to H1base. as per the few days experience I have, h1 base is good, responsive team. 
Posted by Girish

great service and very helpful consultants. Strongly recomend to make sure of getting the best opportunity 
Posted by Sue

i sign up with H1Base a couple ago, and i feel as though i should provide this h1base reviews. it took time for me to get h1b visa to work in the USA because i have to find job with company that would sponsor me for a visa. h1base was with me every step of the way and they provide good assistance, data and guidance. also they fix my CV so it was better for american employers. my h1base review then is that this is a good company. it helped me get h1b visa job and now i live in the USA
Posted by Rajesh

Hi, I love visiting the above posts. I must say they are very encouraging. I joined H1 Base and decided to get ready. What I must say is that H1 Base are so encouraging and loving. I registered with their most high service so that they will get me to the U.S. this year. If I can't get to the U.S. through the hands of H1 Base, then I will just admit my condition, and rest my case. They have treated me so well and gone many extra steps to help me.
Posted by Christine

I would like to say a big thanks to this support website for genuinely helping to inform people with real reviews and experiences. You made it much easier for me to make the decision to get their expert help and advantages that I need. Kudos to you!
Posted by John

Heard so much positive stuff from friends about H1Base helping to get H1b visa and I am planning to join their professional program. My query is what is the good time to start H1B sponsorship search for next quota? It is still September best time to bite the bullet now.
Posted by Ravi

good company 
Posted by KJ

I've seen a few extremely old and completely outdated comments posted on some other sites, most were posted a very long time ago from around 2007-2009, and most were Not even from actual customers (just a bunch of online bla bla opinions and speculation mostly). Obviously every company and services have changed considerably and continually get improved and upgraded, especially over a 10 year period that most of the old comments were posted on those sites. So it's great to see some recent, and real comments and experiences from people who have used H1Base services recently and got genuine help and had good success from them.  
Posted by Kirk Johns

You're 100% right Kirk. I never analyzed the comments on other site that closely. I just went back and took a closer look and they are all so out-dated and most look like BullS### as you said. What happened 10 years ago is irrelevant. I am looking at the H1Base Complete Professional program and I can only see about 2 or maybe 3 real complaints in the last 7 or 8 years. Thinking about it, that is impressive!!! Arrgghh I am so annoyed with myself for letting a load of old BS comments put me off. I want to move to the USA and do everything the right way so It's time for me to finally bite the bullet and enlist the help and services of the experts at H1Base.  
Posted by Stef

I availed H1Base top level professional assistance package because I wanted to make sure I got my very best opportunity with such an important goal and dream in my life, and I didn't want to take any risks or make any immigration mistakes along the way. I can say that their top package is very comprehensive, very personalized, and very effective. You get all the benefits and advantages, and they do a lot of important work to help you do everything correctly. It was a great investment and great experience for me.
Posted by Johan

After searching and applying on my own for about 9 months and all I ended up with was companies telling me they don't sponsor or I need a work visa before they could hire me, I turned to H1 base specialist to help me figure it all out. They are one of the best companies I've ever dealt with. 
Posted by Himmat

I agree with giving kudos to this H1B support site for letting people share their personal experiences. I signed up for the H1base 100% free account membership services and they matched my skills to show me some great H1B sponsor companies, and promoted my profile and resume in their system. I thank them for being a good genuine company that provides free services to help people like me who want a work visa. 
Posted by M Choudhry

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