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 H1B Jobs and Visa Sponsorship Search in the USA - How to Succeed 

The 4 biggest job search mistakes Foreign nationals make when they need an H1B visa :
-  applying to jobs that are not available for and/or do not qualify for visa sponsorship
-  applying to Companies that do not and will not sponsor and file for work visas
-  not knowing how to conduct a highly effective and strategic search
-  not knowing how to write and present a resume that gets results

Discover how you can accelerate and strategize your search for success

Find out How You can get extra Advantages to Increase Your Chances
Learn which Jobs & Companies Qualify for H1B Visa Sponsorship
Learn How to Avoid all the Most Common Mistakes
Discover the most Successful and Effective Strategies    


As a Foreign national seeking to relocate and work in
, or transfer/change current visa status to an H1B visa: it is mandatory to obtain an H1B visa sponsorship employment offer - AND - the employment (job) MUST be with a Company who hires Foreign workers, and "Sponsors" the employment by applying and filing for an H1B work visa.

Therefore, your job search is already different because: the US job must meet the qualification requirements for the H1B visa program, the US job must be one that is available for H1B sponsorship, and the US company must meet the
H1B sponsor qualification requirements, adhere to the H1B rules and regulations, and most importantly the US company must be willing to sponsor and apply for an H1B visa.

If you want an H1B visa, the key is planning, focusing and targeting the Companies that are currently sponsoring, and, the jobs in those companies that are available and qualify for H1B visa sponsorship. The reality is that applying to jobs (or even getting interviews) with Companies that don't sponsor, incurs a lot of hard and time consuming work, and it will Not get you an H1B visa.   

There are an ever growing number of Job & Employment based companies and web sites out there. Each one claiming to be the best and offering varying services ranging from; free resume posting, all the way through to expensive full solution programs. Most are what we call "generalist" sites -  attempting to help everyone from all walks of life. Fortunately there are a few companies that "specialize" in target or niche markets like the H1B visa program. 

Free - H1B Jobs and H1B Sponsor Search

Professional Assistance - H1B Jobs and Visa Sponsorship Search and Placement Service 

Professional Assistance US Resume Preparation and Writing Services

Professional Assistance US Interview Preparation and Coaching Services


The International Job seekers Guide to Successfully Obtaining H1B Jobs and Visa Sponsorship in the USA:

  • What is an "H1B Job" ?
  • What is an "H1B Sponsor" ?
    An H1B sponsor is a US company that complies with the regulations to hire and file H1B visas on behalf of Foreign workers
    * applying / interviewing / getting a job offer with a US company that does NOT sponsor - will not get you an H1B visa

    The process of getting an H1B job with an H1B sponsor is commonly termed as "H1B visa sponsorship"

The biggest H1B visa sponsorship challenge is that... there are millions of companies and millions of jobs in the USA, BUT...

- How do you find the jobs that are available and advertised for H1B visa sponsorship ? 

- How do you find the jobs that qualify to get issued an H1B visa ? 

- How do you find the US employers that do and will apply for H1B visas ? 

- How do you find the US employers that are recruiting and sponsoring for H1B visas right now ?

- And, how do you do it quickly before the annual quota / allocation of H1B visas runs out ?

The truth is it requires some hard work and determination, but every year thousands do succeed, and this guide will show you how

Top 10 ways to INCREASE Your Chances:

1) Convert your CV to a Resume format that meets all the US standards - this is a Must to stand any real chance in the US market

2) Improve and optimize your Resume to get on an even playing field for the US employment market - this increases your chances 

3) Learn about the US Immigration system and Work Visa laws and regulations - this is a must to ensure a safe and legal process

4) Research and target the Companies that sponsor H1B visas most consistently - this is a must to save months of wasted time 

5) Find and network with people responsible for H1B recruitment within H1B Sponsor Companies - this increases your chances

6) Research / target jobs that qualify for H1B sponsorship within H1B Sponsor Companies - this is a must to save months of wasted applications

7) Learn and use the latest networking and application strategies and proven techniques - this increases your chances

8) Research and target the US locations that are best to obtain H1B visa sponsorship - this increases your chances

9) Learn and avoid all the most common mistakes that Foreign national job seekers make - this is a must to increase your chances

10) Learn the interview process used to hire Foreign workers, and improve your interviewing skills - this increases your chances 
Combining multiple, or all of the above together - will Increases Your Chances and get the Best Opportunity, Faster  


There are 2 ways to try to find and obtain H1B jobs with H1B sponsors to secure your work visa sponsorship in the USA:

1) do all the required H1B job search work yourself
(for best results it typically requires resume prep and improvement, H1B job search and applications, H1B sponsor research and applications, follow up applications, interview prep and improvement, knowledge of visa rules and regulations). 

2) hire the services of specialist companies to professionally help you and provide H1B jobs and visa sponsorship placement
(fortunately there are a few US companies that help you get the best opportunity and make it easier for you by providing the required services either individually or as packaged solutions. US companies normally charge an up-front fee for providing their services and expertise, and it can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars depending on the level of services and assistance). A specialist H1B visa company is

Proven tips, advice and strategies to help Foreign nationals obtain H1B jobs and visa sponsorship employment positions in the USA

Discover how to increase your chances, maximize your opportunity, and expedite the sponsorship search process                                    

  • The Secret Weapon to Obtaining H1B Jobs and Visa Sponsorship Positions
  • Why a US Job Search is Very Different to an H1B Visa Sponsorship Search
  • How to Avoid the Most Common Mistakes that Most H1B Job Seekers Make
  • H1B Job Targeting and H1B Sponsor Matching that Get's the Best Results
  • Where Do You Start ? - What's the Most Successful Service Available
  • The Different Types and Levels of Services Available to Obtain H1B Jobs
  • New - Free H1B Jobs and H1B Sponsoring Company Search System
  • Recommended H1B Visa Sponsorship Search and Placement Company

When most Foreign Nationals start out on their journey to obtain H1B visa sponsorship in the USA, the 8 most common things they are not aware of are:

1) many US companies have policies against visa sponsorship, or don't publicly advertise that they sponsor

2) many US jobs are not available for / do not qualify to get issued a H1B visa

3) applying to US employers with a Foreign style CV will most probably get you rejected

4) trying from overseas and abroad needs some extra help to get on an equal playing field

5) the H1B visa program is a very niche and specialized sub-sector of US Immigration

6) H1B sponsorship employment is a very niche and specialized sub-sector of the US employment market

7) there are many Foreign nationals who want an US work visas each year, and that means a lot of competition

8) it's a race to find the right jobs in the right companies, and it requires dedication and hard work 

Each year, only the first 85,000 people from around the world that complete the H1B sponsorship search process - get issued H1B visas

- Those that plan ahead and conduct a focused, targeted and proactive search - achieve the greatest success!

- Those that can invest in using professional assistance throughout the process - get a huge competitive advantage! 


80% of H1B employers and sponsoring companies do NOT publicly advertise their Jobs on any Job boards

- they don't, and many don't want to pay job boards money to post their jobs -- in todays market, once jobs are 'openly advertised' on any job board, employers get flooded with a huge mass of resumes and applications (which makes the employers job harder, and the selection process much slower and more time consuming). They have alternative and better methods of finding, selecting and hiring H1B workers.

Do not use a traditional Foreign style CV to apply for US jobs with US employers

- US employers expect job applicants to show their initiative and use a US style resume (it gives you a better opportunity)  - plus there are many things in a Foreign style CV that can get you rejected or disqualified from being considered for US employment and sponsorship positions.

H1B sponsorship jobs 'are' always available 

-  The 'Secret Weapon' to finding H1B jobs with H1B sponsoring companies that do and want to hire international skilled workers is: 
networking, referrals and connections

Many US employment, business culture and hiring methods are different to other Countries:

- it's important to know the differences and align your search with how US employers operate and what they expect.

- it's reported that as high as 80% of US employers use networking and referral methods to fill their employment positions.

Why H1B sponsoring companies prefer using networking and referral based recruitment methods:

- It's easier, more cost-effective and much quicker than paying to advertise on big job boards that create extra work, time and effort screening through a mass of resume applications. Too many.

- Sitting and clicking "apply' to advertised jobs is an easy thing to do - but, it's not effective in the US market and it's even less effective in the H1B sponsorship job market. It's open, which means everyone sees the job and everyone applies, which creates a recruitment-headache for employers, and very little chance for the H1B job applicants.

- If we consider the H1B employment market statistics - the 80/20 rule applies: only 20% of jobs are available in the openly 'advertised-market', but 80% of job seekers use this method. This means: Less jobs with More Competition, and Not the best opportunity. 

- Building H1B referral networks takes time to start, finding the right people that can help you in the right companies that sponsor visas. However, when momentum starts to build it creates and opens up 'real' opportunities in a much larger 80% job market - and statistically the competition is much lower (only 20%). This means: More jobs with Less Competition - which increases your chances and gives you the best opportunity.   

- This is commonly known in the USA as the Secret job market or the 'Hidden Job Market' and it's how 80% of H1B job seekers succeed each year. Networking, referrals and professional connections creates access to 80% of jobs (a much larger pool of jobs than the advertised market), with less competition for jobs, and, most importantly it's how employers fill their best positions - the rest get sent off to the advertised market as a last resort.   

- It's a niche and specialized industry - many of the top H1B sponsoring companies have established connections and business relationships. Everyone that qualifies for the H1B visa program is a smart, educated, professional person. If you consider the task you face there are naturally a few immigration-sponsorship-employment challenges and obstacles to overcome. If you really want an H1B visa / career and life in the USA, take full advantage of the specialist services available because they will increase your chances and help expedite your goal of securing H1B sponsored-employment to get issued an H1B work visa

- If you need an H1B job and visa sponsorship position, but do not have your own H1B sponsor referral network in the USA, or you don't have / want to spend the time researching and building one, or the time finding, communicating and networking with hiring managers in H1B sponsoring companies, or continually finding and applying to new sponsor companies, or if you are not sure of the best strategies, or most effective techniques and methods - there are a few specialist H1B sponsorship service companies like that will help you.

Why an H1B Sponsorship Job Search is Very Different to a General US Job Search

An H1B job is one that meets the US Governments Immigration requirements to get issued an H1B visa* applying / interviewing / getting a job offer that does NOT qualify for the H1B visa program - will not get you an H1B visa

H1B Jobs and Sponsorship Employment Requirements - to Qualify to get issued an H1B visa:
 the following must all meet the H1B visa sponsorship qualification requirements
is that they conduct a 'generalist' job search similar to the way they would if they were looking for a new job in their own Country. US job boards are designed for and mainly used by US job seekers - (using general US jobs sites means you've got a lot of extra competition to try and beat).  

Tip: limit the competition and give yourself a much better opportunity by using a niche job site that specializes in your industry or profession, or even better use a niche job site that specializes in finding H1B jobs and visa sponsorship employment. 

  • the Type of Occupation must Qualify,
  • the Level of Job must Qualify
  • the Employment Duties must Qualify,
  • the Salary / Wage must Qualify

- if the applicant qualifies by having a degree, the H1B sponsorship employment position offered by a US employer must also require at least that level of degree
(the same sponsorship employment requirement applies to applicants who qualify by work experience only)

- the H1B sponsorship employment position must also be directly-related to the occupation field of the degree that qualifies the applicant
(again, the same applies to qualifying by work experience)


The H1B job must meet one of the following criteria to qualify to get issued an H1B visa:
  • Bachelor's or higher degree or its equivalent is normally the minimum entry requirement for the position
  • The degree requirement for the job is common to the industry or the job can only be performed by an individual with a degree
  • The employer normally requires a degree or its equivalent for the employment position
  • The nature of the job requires specialized knowledge and experience to perform the employment duties

    Types of H1B jobs that qualify to get issued an H1B visa:
    - jobs that require a Bachelors level, or, MBA level, or, higher level of degree to perform the employment duties, or
    - jobs that require twelve years work experience, or 
    - jobs that require an associates degree plus additional work experience, or
    - jobs that require a license to practice in the profession
    - H1B jobs can be entry level, junior, mid or senior level but must meet one of the above, in any H1B profession
    - H1B jobs can be either for full time or for part time employment  

    Different Types of H1B Sponsor Companies that file H1B visas:
    - Regular sponsor companies that hire ad-hoc H1B workers: subject to regular H1B visa regulations and quotas
    - Premium sponsor companies: that hire lots of H1B workers every year: subject to regular regulations and quotas
    - Direct employment sponsor companies: you work directly for them only, at their own office locations
    - Third party employment sponsor companies: they subcontract you out on projects to other companies 
    - Non profit or institutes of higher education that are cap exempt: can file unlimited number of H1B's, all year
    - H1B dependent sponsors that are subject to extra regulations and restrictions
    - H1B employer employee relationship subject sponsors that have extra regulations and restrictions
    - Tarp recipient H1B sponsors that are subject to extra regulations and restrictions for a limited time
    - De-barred H1B sponsors and Willfull Violator sponsor companies that are restricted from sponsoring

For you to qualify to accept an H1B job offer in a H1B specialty profession you must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Have completed a US bachelor's or higher degree required by the specific specialty occupation from an accredited college or university
  • Have a foreign degree that is the equivalent to a US bachelor's or higher degree in the specialty occupation
  • Hold an unrestricted state license, registration, or certification which authorizes you to fully practice the specialty occupation and be engaged in that specialty in the state of intended employment
  • Have progressively responsible work experience in the specialty profession that is equivalent to the completion of such a degree (equivalent to 12 years work experience)

    Conducting an H1B Job Search: the Most Common Mistake Made By H1B job Seekers 

As a Foreign National (a non US permanent resident), according to US Immigration law,  YOU CAN ONLY WORK IN AMERICA IF YOU FIRST OBTAIN A VALID WORK VISA (permit). An employer company must "sponsor" you for a work visa. This is one of the 'Key factors' of your H1B job search.

This means you don't just need a job, you need an H1B job with a US company that will also file and apply for an H1B visa for you.


Unfortunately, it's not that easy and every year thousands of foreign national job seekers spend months and months of their time, posting their CV and then searching for and applying to job after job on some of the major 'generalist' job boards - only to find out that the companies they have applied to, will NOT 'sponsor' them for an H1B work visa, or, that the jobs they have applied to do not qualify to get issued an H1B visa.

Tip: because of the unique 'key factors' involved in your H1B job search, a great place to start would be to target your search to companies who "specialize" in assisting foreign nationals find jobs with companies who WILL 'sponsor' a work visa for you.

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H1B Job and Visa Sponsorship Service Companies and Site Reviews 


  • H1B visa - the primary and most popular Work Visa
  • TN1  visa - for Mexican & Canadian citizens only
  • L1 visa - for intra-company transfers
  • B1 visa - seasonal & short term work

H1B Visa Job Seekers - typically, H1B's are used for the following professions: Computing & IT, Telecoms, HealthCare, Finance & Accounting, Teaching, Legal, PR, Marketing & Advertising, Sales, Management and Engineering.

Your goal is to find a company who will offer you employment AND who will also 'Sponsor' a visa (work permit) for you. Success is based on the ability to find & secure a job within a Company who WILL sponsor your H1B visa. Highest Success rates are achieved when job seekers Target their search to "proven" H1B Sponsor Companies. Companies like H1Base  or H1BvisaJobs can help to different levels and different opportunities.

TN1 Visa Job seekers - similar to the H1B visa, you goal is to find a company who will 'sponsor' your TN1 Visa. This is a faster and easier process than with the H1B, and typically any company who sponsors an H1B will also sponsor a TN1. 

L1 Visa - Intra-Company transfer. This visa is typically for a Manager or executive who works for a foreign company that is related to a US company by 50% or more common ownership. The manager must have worked for the foreign company for one of the past three years and must be coming to the US company to work in a managerial or executive capacity (Intra-Company Transfer).  For example, if you currently work in the UK and your employer also has an office in the USA which meets the requirements above, you may be able to transfer to the US location.

B1 Visa - If you are traveling to the U.S. on short term business, you can present a letter from the U.S. business stating the business purpose of the trip, the intended length of stay and the companies intent to defray travel costs. 

What Are the Different H1B Job Search and H1B Sponsor Search Methods ?
Compare the Main Methods Available to Find H1B Jobs and H1B Sponsoring Employers

depending on the individual H1B job seekers goals and limitations (time, money and effort), there are a number of very different approaches to finding a job in the USA
. However, one thing that is consistent and the most important part of your H1b job search is not just to find a job, but, to find a job with a company who WILL sponsor a valid H1B work visa for you. After years of research and evaluation, we list the following options, alternatives, and the resources listed below with an * next to them are our opinions and recommendations:

1) SEARCHING GENERAL USA JOB BOARDS  ( overall rating 3/10 )

Advantages - normally a free service

Disadvantages - when it's free, everyone uses it which saturates the market with job seekers all applying to the same jobs. It is very time consuming, slow and requires a lot of effort. Recent studies show that over 80% of Companies in todays economy do 'not' post their vacancies on job boards. A large majority of jobs posted on general USA job sites are NOT available for H1B visa sponsorship employment.

2) POSTING YOUR RESUME / CV  ( overall rating 2/10 )

Advantages - normally a free service

Disadvantages - you are hoping a company will spend their time, effort and resources to find you and pick you from amongst thousands of other resumes. 

3) H1B RESUME BLASTER SYSTEMS  ( overall rating 5/10 )

Advantages - fast, easy and does not require much of your time & effort -'if' targeted to H1B sponsor companies can be one of the most effective and efficient ways. Make sure that the service targets and blasts to H1B sponsoring companies, and to your specific H1B occupation target audience of hiring managers. 
Disadvantages - normally a paid service.  

4) H1B SPONSOR LISTS AND DATABASE RECORDS * (overall rating 5/10 )

Advantages - is a starting point 'if' the database list contains 'up-to-date' H1B sponsoring companies, and 'full contact' details. 

Disadvantages - takes a lot of hard work, and normally a paid service. Requires you to individually research and send your resume to each company listed in the database list (it is very time consuming). 
TIP - Make sure you use a 'current' and up-to-date H1B sponsor database (not last years old H1B sponsors list)
Related Article: H1B Sponsor List and H1B Sponsoring Companies Databases - things to consider 



Advantages - a personalized service where the service company works on your behalf to plan, conduct and manage your H1B job and sponsorship employment search for you.
Many H1B sponsoring companies rely heavily and give preference to recruiting through pre-established relationships they have with professional assistance companies. As well as increasing your chances to obtain the best opportunity, professional service companies have all the knowledge and resources and relationships to do the work for you and make it easier, faster and more successful. 

Disadvantages - is a paid service

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