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H1B Visa Qualification Requirements 
US Immigration regulations state that all Foreign applicants must meet the qualification requirements in order to get issued an H1B visa. 

The Current Requirements and Eligibilty to Qualify for an H1B work visa are:

* Important: Only ONE of the following is required to qualify:

A Bachelor's degree, or a higher level degree (such as Masters) 
The degree can be from studies in the USA, or from a Country outside the USA
The degree must be from an real/accredited University or College
The degree must be at least a four year degree

, if the applicant does NOT have a degree:

At least 12 years progressive work experience in their occupation

OR if the applicant does NOT have a degree, or 12 years work experience:

A license to practice in the chosen occupation (if such a license is required to practice),


A mix of further education (e.g Diploma) + work experience to total 12 years.

The US Immigration Bureau uses a 12 point system to determine if an applicant qualifies or not

12 points are required to qualify: 

1 year of Higher Education (at a University/College) = 3 points

1 year of professional work experience = 1 point

For example:
~ a 4 year Bachelors or higher level degree = total of 12 points

~ a 3 year degree/diploma (9 points) PLUS 3 years work experience = (9+3) ) total of 12 points

~ a 2 year degree or diploma (6 points) PLUS 6 years work experience = (6+6) total of 12 points

~ a 1 year degree/diploma (3 points) PLUS 9 years work experience = (3+9)   total of 12 points

~ no degree but you have 12 + years work experience = (0+12) total of 12 points

* there is no order of preference in relation to education or work experience qualification
* everyone that qualifies for the H1B program is treated equally for visa filing, processing and issuance 

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